Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre executives recently paid a courtesy call on the Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute (BTVI) and presented Carpentry instructor, Mr. Nihon Glinton with a plaque of recognition.  

Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre executives recently paid a courtesy call on the Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute (BTVI) in recognition of the generous time and talent of Carpentry instructor, Mr. Nihon Glinton.

Mr. Glinton oversaw the creative work of BTVI students, alumni, faculty, staff and community volunteers for a display of 9 reindeers, 17 candy canes, 8 Christmas trees and a sleigh across Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre’s front lawn throughout last year’s Christmas season.

Kiwanis Club of Pinewood District, headed by Lieutenant Governor (DLG), Garnell Kemp, members of the Junior Sunday School Class of Grace and Peace Wesleyan Church, and Special Olympics Bahamas were among the volunteer groups that assisted in the Christmas display.  

Mr. Glinton described the initiative as invaluable to all involved.  

“I feel a level of satisfaction, elation and gratification. It was a group effort to support health and wellness at Sandilands. It taught the students philanthropy, which is a part of our development. These were lessons beyond the classroom, which aided in the holistic development of our students,” said Mr. Glinton.

This partnership between BTVI and Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre also led to discussions on how both organisations can continue to work together in other areas.

Acting Hospital Administrator, Ms. Sandra Mortimer-Russell, underscored that the behavioral centre is seeking to develop partnerships as it cares for mentally and physically challenged persons of all ages.

“The Christmas display was creative and brought cheer. It lightened the faces of staff and visitors as they arrived and was enjoyed by all who saw it,” Ms. Mortimer-Russell said.

She added, “We look forward to BTVI’s ongoing support and dialogue on future initiatives.”

BTVI Interim President, Dr. Linda A. Davis, welcomed the outlook of an expanded partnership and highlighted the possibility of a partnership to pursue grants to support and technical and vocational education opportunities.

“There is important work being done at Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre and these kinds of partnerships are so important to BTVI as we realise our mandate. Both organisations have the human resources and know-how to access more funding to expand our reach and capabilities,” Dr. Davis said.

Recognising trades as an incredible tool for rehabilitation, both BTVI and Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre executives marked the Christmas project as the precursor to not only the potential of an Easter display, but a lever to do much more in the areas of country-wide development and training.