Executive Team

Executive Team

Linda A. Davis

Interim President

Sharlene Hilton

Interim Chief Financial Officer

Zakia Winder

Associate Vice President Administrative Services

Veronica Collie

Associate Vice President  Northern Bahamas Campus


The Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute (BTVI) Executive Team is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Institute.

The President oversees the overall direction of the Institute. The President is responsible for developing strategies and policies which ensure that BTVI meets the goals set by the Board of Directors. The President selects and appoints managers and department heads, and monitors the budget, financial activities and other performance indicators. The President continually seeks to identify ways to improve overall organisational effectiveness and efficiencies which help achieve BTVI’s goals.

Vice President, Academic Affairs
The Vice President of Academic Affairs (VPAA) provides oversight, leadership and management of all academic activities including the creation, maintenance, revision or deletion of curriculum, courses, sequence of courses and programmes of study. The VPAA is also responsible for all managerial activities related to the curriculum (including periodic assessments, required reporting and accreditation/licensure requirements) as well as faculty and student support (including advising, student performance reviews and discipline, grade appeals and other problem resolution). Additionally, the VPAA oversees student recruitment and retention. 

Chief Financial Officer 
The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) provides administrative and fiscal leadership for all financial services and business operations. The CFO oversees the management and operation of BTVI’s financial services units including accounting, accounts receivable, accounts payable and bursary. Responsible for financial reporting, payroll, procurement and auxiliary services, the CFO ensures BTVI’s financial integrity and regulatory compliance. 

Associate Vice President, Administrative Services
The Associate Vice President of Administrative Services has overall responsibility for human resources and other administrative services such as plant and maintenance, security and custodial services. Other areas of responsibility include planning, evaluating and improving institutional systems and personnel. 

Associate Vice President, Fund Development
The Associate Vice President of Fund Development is responsible for helping design and implement a comprehensive development programme, under the leadership of the President, which incorporates fund raising, cash or kind, with an emphasis on individuals, the business community and BTVI alumni. 

Associate Vice President, Northern Bahamas Campus
The Associate Vice President of the Northern Bahamas Campus is the chief administrative services leader for BTVI’s northern campus. The AVP of Northern Bahamas is responsible for planning, administering, evaluating and improving institutional services, systems and personnel in the following areas: accounting, budgeting, payroll, purchasing and inventory, financial aid, human resources, building and grounds maintenance and security, information technology and auxiliary services.