Roselyn Taylor, BTVI and REVIVE Academy’s soft skills training participant.

Roselyn Taylor believes in seizing great opportunities. Hence, when the possibility for further training to sharpen her soft skills presented itself, her interest was immediately piqued. 

“While scrolling on Facebook, I saw an ad for Revive Academy and decided to look them up. Upon further investigation, I saw that a free soft skills training course was being offered. I immediately signed up and awaited the start date of the program,” said Roselyn.

The comprehensive four-week program – developed and delivered by the Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institution (BTVI) – is being conducted in conjunction with Revive Academy and the Citizen Security and Justice Program (CSJP). It includes, but is not limited to topics such as communication skills, resumes writing, social netiquette, problem-solving, time management, critical thinking, personal branding, and job search skills.

Roselyn was a part of the first cohort of the program had 135 participants who successfully completed. To date, 249 participants have completed the program. 

“I had the opportunity to meet a lot of amazing people through the program and I feel very fortunate to have heard some of their stories. I think I’ve learned a few life lessons that will stick with me. Our time was short, four weeks, but very impactful. Mr. Uel Johnson was an excellent instructor, who went above and beyond to ensure that we all passed his class,” said Roselyn.

“What made him such a great instructor was his desire to share his knowledge and experiences with his students. He always seemed to find a way to make the lessons relatable and enjoyable. I think he went above and beyond, sacrificing some of his Saturdays to accommodate students that missed his class through the week,” she stated.

Students participated in blended learning modalities, accessing BTVI’s virtual learning platforms along with in-person classes stationed at the Ministry of National Security’s community centers, namely the Edmund Moxey, Quakoo Street and Fox Hill centers.

Questioned as to the importance of soft skills for the workplace and in one’s personal life, the former private school administrative worker described them as an asset.

“It’s a combination of people skills and social skills. Soft skills will also help you to develop your character and give you the tools to thrive in any work environment. Now that I’ve completed the soft skills program, I see a dire need for it here in Nassau. I hope that more people see the importance of soft skills and sharpening them before applying for a job. I know that I am not alone in saying that customer service is not important in many establishments and that needs to change,” said Roselyn. 

The goal is for there to be 1,000 beneficiaries of the free program managed by the Ministry of National Security and funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). Heading the soft skills program at BTVI is Dean of Student Services Racquel Bethel. 

Meanwhile, Roselyn is one of 75% of the 135 successful participants who signed up to return to BTVI. The former C. C. Sweeting High School and Atlantic Interactive School of Learning student has her sights on becoming a licensed skincare specialist. She wants to run a medical spa and is hoping to attend BTVI to study Esthetics as of fall 2021 on the government tuition grant. 

“I have found some peace throughout all of the uncertainties that came with the pandemic. I am more motivated and hungry for success than I’ve ever been,” added the wife and mother of two.

In the interim, Roselyn is grateful for the soft skills training she received. 

“I would encourage anyone with free time on their hands to make use of this free training course because it will not only help you land a job, it will also give you the skills to keep a job,” she concluded.