Job Title: Vice President of Academic Affairs

Department: Academic Administration

Reporting Relationship: President



Position Overview:

The Vice President of Academic Affairs is the Senior Executive Academic Leader for the institution. The post is a strategic partner, responsible for long range institutional planning, leading discussions of relevant, viable, innovative and high quality technical and vocational programs for lifelong learning and of quality teaching and engaged learning. The Vice President of Academic Affairs ensures the vision, mission and institution’s strategic plan cascade down to all academic departments so they are operating in unison. The Vice President of Academic Affairs ensures that all programs meet the quality standards set by accreditation bodies and align with the present and future needs of the students and employers. The Vice President of Academic Affairs oversees the academic integrity of the institution.  The Vice President of Academic Affairs partners with other VPs and AVPs to promote and enhance student access and success; alumni relations and fundraising; efficiency, effectiveness and connections between academic programs, student experiences and external stakeholders, while providing excellent customer service. The VP of Academic Affairs also oversees or performs several managerial and operational functions inclusive of academic budgets, scheduling, performance assessments, determining faculty workload, the catalog of the institution and oversight of student disciplinary processes. The Vice President may be called upon to carry out some of the duties normally carried out by the President from time to time.





The Vice President of Academic Affairs shall:

  • Ensure the implementation of the institution’s vision, mission and pillars of the strategic plan throughout Academic Affairs;
  • Provide leadership in matters of academic strategy, exploring, developing, launching and sustaining educational initiatives consistent with the institute’s mission;
  • Regularly advise the President on academic matters;
  • Understand the institute’s special mission and history, appreciate all disciplines and be cognizant of current future trends in the TVET education environment, and comprehend the national educational ecosystem and labor market;
  • Build relevant, viable, innovative and high-quality TVET programs for lifelong learning;
  • Provide leadership for quality teaching and engaged learning, using learning science to inform and optimize pedagogies and modalities;
  • Contribute to the development, honing and execution of the institution’s plans for diversity, inclusion and equity, data analytics, technology and communications/public relations as they apply to TVET;
  • Help create a culture in which Academic Affairs’ employees work toward the institute’s goals, are developing their competencies and have positive supervisory and peer relationships;
  • Promote a student-centered institution;
  • Develop programs for stakeholder engagement (Government, Faculty and Staff, Students, Employers/Advisory Committees, Donors, External Schools and Agencies, etc.);
  • Promote excellent customer service and
  • Promote BTVI and the various technical programs in association/conjunction with the Public Relations department. This includes special/customized programs and dual enrollment programs, in addition to traditional courses.



Academic Affairs Oversee the assessment and enhancement of the content and delivery of TVET programs to promote relevance, viability and quality through e.g., systematic program review, accreditation, consistency with NAECOB guidelines and stakeholder feedback.

  • Review existing TVET policies and procedures and develop new ones as needed;
  • Promote diversity, inclusion and equity throughout Academic Affairs such that students’ experience culturally-responsive teaching and a respectful learning environment and the skills gaps nationally are reduced and
  • Produce regular reports on key performance indicators as requested.

Faculty and Staff of Academic Affairs

  • Ensure communication with faculty by working closely with the Deans and Heads of Department regarding quality and shared governance;


  • Review departmental hiring requests and recommend new and replacement positions to the Executive Team;
  • Ensure the continual professional development of Academic Affairs’ employees from orientation through the phases of their careers;
  • Encourage and support not only teaching, but also research, grant-writing, publishing and other scholarly activities of the faculty;
  • Engage in the regular evaluation of faculty and appropriate academic support staff as directed by BTVI’s policy;
  • Lead the annual tenure and promotion process for full-time faculty as outlined in the Continuation of Appointments (Tenure) and Promotion of Faculty policies;
  • Ensure more diverse faculty and staff are hired, feel included, are retained and are treated equitably in terms and conditions of employment and
  • Monitor the success rate (and attrition rate) of programs and implement adjustments where needed.

Financial Affairs

  • Work with direct reports to plan, develop and implement the annual budget for the academic division of the institute, approve expenditures and stay within budget;
  • Analyze resource allocation decisions with an ROI lens, being prepared to re-allocate human and financial resources to other uses that better support the mission;
  • Assess the efficiency (costs and productivity of inputs) and effectiveness (outcome achievement) of Academic Affairs’ units on an ongoing basis.


  • Appear before the Board of Trustees to discuss Academic Affairs’ matters;
  • Collaborate with the President on his/her academic vision;
  • Advocate for the institution and participate in fundraising and alumni relations in conjunction with the AVP for Fund Development;
  • Coordinate with the VP for Financial Affairs in the planning of the effective and efficient use of facilities;
  • Work closely with the Dean of Students to promote access and success for our students and to determine new program niches and opportunities for internships and mentoring;
  • Liaise with NAECOB concerning program approval and monitoring;
  • Participate in decision-making, sometimes possibly questioning and disagreeing, but afterwards sharing in collective responsibility for decisions, defending those decisions to others.

Direct Reports

  • Supervise the Dean of Academic Affairs, Registrar, Dean of Construction Trades and Workforce Development, Dean of IT and Online Learning, Dean of Students, Academic Affairs office staff and work with academic Heads of department as needed.


  • Coordinate with the Deans and Assistant Registrar in the preparation and approval of the class schedule each semester;
  • Collaborate with the Executive Team, Deans, Registrar and Public Relations on the compilation of information for the catalog and its publication;
  • Coordinate with the Deans and approve the assigning of courses and non-instructional assignments to full and part-time faculty and
  • Delegate appropriate tasks.



Serve on President’s Executive Team, the Board of Trustees, Academic Affairs Committee and other committees as needed.


  • Serve as ex-officio member of administratively appointed academic committees.
  • Perform other reasonable duties as delegated by the President.



Education: Minimum of a Master’s degree in Education or related field from an accredited institution, however, an earned Terminal Degree (Doctorate) is preferred.


  • At least ten (10) years of senior management experience in an education setting, five (5) of those years in higher education or TVET environment is preferred;
  • Knowledge of business environment;
  • Forward-thinking leader in a changing environment;
  • Demonstrated capacity to lead and provide motivation;
  • Strategic planning leadership experience;
  • Budgeting and financial management experience;
  • Excellent speaking, writing and presentation skills;
  • A high level of computer literacy;
  • Ability to quickly interpret a variety of information/data in written, oral or graphic form;
  • Strong supervisory communication and problem solving skills;
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality of information and records;
  • Database monitoring skills;
  • Skills in examining operations and procedures, formulating policy and developing and implementing new strategies and procedures;
  • Positive and strong interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to work effectively with a wide range of constituencies in a diverse community;
  • Ability to use independent judgment and to manage and impart information to a range of clientele and/or media sources.





Applicants should submit a letter of interest and resume by Friday, April 2, 2021.


Submit letters of interest and resumes to [email protected]

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.