Message from Dean of Academic Administration

Message from Dean of Academic Administration

Dr. Pleshette McPhee
Dean of Academic Administration

On behalf of the Office of the Dean of Academic Administration, I extend a hearty welcome to you.

The Academic Administration Department is committed to the academic mission of BTVI. We are charged with overseeing quality assurance and accreditation. We also have responsibility for evaluating methods of instruction, curriculum development, faculty professional development, general education courses, examinations, probation and suspensions, grade queries/appeals and other academic challenges.

Come, partner with us as we position ourselves to make a tremendous impact on your educational journey. Students, you are our clients, For this reason you are our focal point. To demonstrate our commitment, we promise to:

  • Provide learning opportunities that enable you to become globally competitive and economically independent.
  • Establish a collegiate environment where you can learn, grow and achieve.
  • Engage and train faculty who are first rate at what they do, know their subject area and know how to help you learn.
  • Commit to your success.

I encourage you to take advantage of what BTVI has to offer – select from our Associate of Applied Science programmes, Diplomas, Certificates and Professional Development Courses. Develop the skills and habits necessary for success: commitment, perseverance and good work ethics. These are skills and habits that stand in good stead in just about any field or industry.

It is my hope that you will experience the richness of our programme offerings and see exactly what we mean when we say that BTVI is a place where you “‘Learn a Skill and Earn a Living.”


Best Wishes,

Pleshette McPhee Ed.D

Dean of Academic Administration