Information Technology Support Specialist Diploma Programme

Program Duration: 12 months


Mode of Delivery: Blended


Program Description:

The diploma is designed for students to gain adequate knowledge and specific training at an intermediate level in information technology. The diploma is a one-year program that prepares individuals who are seeking positions in IT sales, service and support roles available in scalable IT related environments. Persons taking this diploma gain core knowledge in how to configure troubleshoot and maintain computer systems and computer networks. An introduction to software programming for apps and internet is offered. Persons will also gain soft skills in technical operational procedures, behavior in customer relations and executing company policy. In addition, students are required to sit the internationally recognized CompTIA IT Fundamentals and A+ certification exams. The Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute Information Technology Support Specialist diploma is awarded upon successful completion of the program.


Programme Goals:

This programs’ main goal is to produce industry qualified IT support technicians. These individuals should be able to function in a small business environment conducting IT

management tasks. They will be able to install, configure and maintain basic computer systems including hardware, peripherals, and commonly used application software and operating systems. Diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve hardware, software or other network and system problems, and replace components if necessary. Design, install, configure and maintain small office and home office (SOHO) local area networks. They will also be able to perform backups and disaster recovery.


Programme Department:

Information Technology Department


General Entry Requirements:

To enter the program students are required to have Mathematics and English BGCSE with grades of C or above.


Programme Requirements:


Students complete the following:  
Total Hours: 34
Major Course Credits: 15
Core Course Credits: 12
General Education Course Credits: 7



Major Courses Credit Hours Lab Hours
CIT 1203 Operating Systems Essentials (3 hours) (4 hours)
CIT 1102 Computer and Mobile Devices (3 hours) (4 hours)











Introduction To Python




HTML & JavaScript

(3 hours) (4 hours)
CIT 1201 Networking Essentials (3 hours) (4 hours)
CMS 1000 Desktop Applications (3 hours) (3 hours)
Core Courses  
CIT 1000 I.T. Fundamentals (3 hours) (4 hours)
CIT 1100 Internet Fundamentals (3 hours) (3 hours)
CIT 1105 Professional Performance & Ethics (3 hours) (4 hours)
ENT 1100 Entrepreneurship (3 hours) (0 hours)
CIT 1202 A+ Certification Review (0 hours) (2 hours)
OSHA 0000 OSHA – 10 Hours (0 hours) (0 hours)


General Education Courses (included in core)  
MAT   1105    College Algebra (3 hours) (0 hours)
ENG    1102    College English (3 hours) (0 hours)
SLS     0003    Student Success (1 hour) (0 hours)
CERT 1022    CompTIA A+ Essentials
CERT 1023    CompTIA A+ Practical
CERT 1021    CompTIA IT Fundamentals Cert.


Graduation Requirements

Students are required to pass all major courses.



(Full-Time Students)


First Semester

OSHA   0000     OSHA – 10 Hours

SLS      0003     Student Success CIT      1000     I.T. Fundamentals MAT    1105     College Algebra ENG      1102     College English

CIT       1100     Internet Fundamentals


CERT    1021     CompTIA IT Fundamentals Cert.


Second Semester

CIT       1203     Operating Systems Essentials

CIT       1105     Professional Performance & Ethics CIT    1102     Computer and Mobile Devices


Choose ANY TWO

CSD      1000     Introduction To Python ENT       1100     Entrepreneurship

CSD      1100     HTML & JavaScript


Summer Semester

CIT       1201     Networking Essentials CMS       1000     Desktop Applications CIT 1202     A+ Certification Review

CERT    1022     CompTIA A+ Essentials CERT    1023     CompTIA A+ Practical